The purpose of this manual is to provide a high level overview of how to access and run the newly developed Oracle Application Express (APEX) reports in the Payment Management System (PMS).

A few of the current PMS reports have been rewritten using the APEX tools to provide more robust capabilities, such as being able to upload the results of a report to Excel so that the data can be manipulated further to meet specific needs. In some cases, minor adjustments have been made to the newly rewritten reports to lend itself to more of a spreadsheet layout. Reports available are as follows: Authorization Report, Payment Inquiry, Grant Summary Report, and Subaccount Summary Report.

There will be a transition period during which the current reports and the newly rewritten reports will be available in the PMS. Users can continue to use both types of reports depending on their needs.

To Access Apex Reports: Login to PMS → select "Menu"→ Apex Reports → Grantee Inquiry
Location of Apex Reports Manual: Login to PMS → select "Menu"→ Apex Reports → Apex Manual
To Download the Report: Enter the required data → run the inquiry → navigate to "Actions" from the dropdown → select Download Report. Report can be downloaded in CSV or HTML format.