Adhoc Grant Recipient Reports

PMS enables users to create and run adhoc inquiries. These inquiries can be saved and retrieved for later use.

Adhoc Grantee Instruction Manual can be found HERE.

Running and Saving Inquiries

This option allows Grantees to create, run, and store Inquiries.

  1. Log in to PMS.
  2. On the "Adhoc Grant Recipient Inquiry" screen, select the type of inquiry (Account Balance Data, Authorization Transactions, Payment Data and Summary Grant Data).
  3. Select the Continue button.
  4. Enter the criteria you will use as a basis for your query in the fields provided.
  5. Indicate whether you wish to save the inquiry.
  6. Select the "Run the Inquiry" button.

A saved inquiry may be retrieved and re-run by using the Stored Grantee Inquiries option. The results of the inquiry may be saved as a file.

Types of Adhoc Grant Recipient Inquiries

There are four (4) predefined inquiries available:

  1. Account Balance Data - Provides total authorized, total payments, and funds available balance for the account and all its subaccounts if applicable.

  2. Authorization Transactions - Displays an audit trail of all authorization transactions posted for a grant including the detail supporting transactions for all grants under the PIN, Payee Account(s) or Grant Number(s).

  3. Payment Data - Displays a history of all payments and other payment related transactions, payments of a specific subaccount, payments within specific start and end dates, or for a specific confirmation number.

  4. Summary Grant Data - Displays Authorized and Disbursed totals for each grant number. The Grantee may enter the PIN, Payee Account, or specific grant number.

Stored Grant Recipient Inquiries

Saved inquiries can be retrieved, changed, and re-run.

  1. Log into PMS
  2. On the "Adhoc Grant Recipient Inquiry" screen, select the stored inquiry from the list provided. Note: You will only see a list of the saved inquiries sorted by type.
  3. Select the "Continue" button.
  4. Review the inquiry criteria. Choose to change, rerun, or resave it.
  5. Select the Run Inquiry button to rerun the inquiry. The results of your query will be displayed.
  6. Select the Cancel button. The results will confirm the transaction.