The information here is specific to Department of Labor, Employment & Training (DOL / ETA)

On April 3, 2023, the new PMS Financial Reporting System for grant recipient submission of the quarterly ETA-9130 financial reports will go live for ETA grant recipients. You must have an active PMS User ID to access the Federal Report DOL ETA-9130 Module in the Payment Management System.

  • Grantees who do not have access to PMS should submit a new user access request to PMS.
  • Grantees who currently have access to PMS and are submitting/certifying the ETA-9130s on behalf of their organization, should login to PMS and update privileges to request access to the Federal Report DOL ETA-9130.

The link below will provide detail instructions on how to request access as a new user and update user permission: User Access

There are different variations of form ETA-9130, each pertaining to a specific program/funding stream. ETA-9130 Financial Report forms and instructions may be found at: ETA-9130 Financial Report forms and instructions