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Add/Update Banking Information

Use this option to establish or change a bank accounts direct deposit information for a payee account or a payee subaccount. The payee account, subaccount, and the financial institution must be established before bank account information can be associated to an account. Additionally, you must have been granted access to the payee accounts and have been granted banking privileges. You will have the ability to modify both domestic and international banking information (if applicable). All banking requests are required to have supporting documentation attached to the request.

Document Requirements

All banking requests must include a copy of the 1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up form. International bank account requests must also contain an International Bank Letter.

1199A Direct Deposit Form Instructions

You must complete and upload a new SF-1199A form for each banking request. Download the SF-1199A Direct Deposit Form.

All information is to be typed or printed on the SF-1199A and then uploaded to your banking request prior to submission. Alterations such as erasures, correction fluid, and strike-outs are unacceptable and will invalidate the form.

If you are a new recipient, you will need to obtain access to the Payment Management system prior to providing your banking information (see Access - New User Request). If you already have access to the Payment Management System you will need to submit a request to update your privileges in PMS to add the role “add/update banking” (see Access - Make Changes) prior to submitting banking information.

Section 1 Form 1199A

To be completed by the Payee:

  • (A) Name of Payee - Type or Print your Organization’s Name, Address, and Telephone Number. Do not enter an individual’s name in this block. Forms containing white out or any alterations to the payee name are unacceptable.
  • (B) Name of Persons Entitled to Payment - Leave it blank.
  • (C) Claim or Payroll ID Number -This is your organization’s 12 digit Entity Identification Number (EIN) or your organization’s 9-digit Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). For HHS Grant Recipients, this number is also found on your Notice of Grant Award (NGA) issued by the awarding agency. If you are an international organization and do not have a TIN/EIN leave this field blank.
  • (D) Type of Depositor Account - Check type of Bank account either ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’.
  • (E) Depositor Account Number - Type the Account Number of your account at the Financial Institution to which the funds will be ‘Direct Deposited’. Do not use white out or make any alterations to the account number.
  • (F) Type of Payment - Check the box ‘Other’ and type the name of the awarding federal agency.
  • (G) Type/Amount - Leave it blank.
  • Payee/Joint Payee Certification -The individual(s) having signature authority for the bank account must sign and date.

Section 2 Form 1199A

To be completed by Payee:

  • Government Agency Name – Payment Management Services
  • Government Agency Address –
    • US. Department of Health and Human Services
    • Post Office Box 6021
    • Rockville, Maryland 20852

Form 1199A Section 3

To be completed by the Financial Institution:

  • Name and Address of Financial Institution - Provide the name and address of the Bank.
  • Routing Number - Provide the Financial Institutions Routing Number
  • Depositor Account Title -The depositor account title must be filled in and should match the payee name.
  • Financial Institution Certification - The bank’s representative must sign the form and provide a telephone number for contact purposes.

Notes: If ‘ALL’ portions of this section are not completed, this will cause a delay in your organization’s banking being established in PMS. Your organization should maintain a copy of the form for its records.

International Banking Requests

If your request is to deposit funds into an international bank account, in addition to the 1199A form you must also include an international bank letter. The letter must appear on the banks letterhead with authorized signatures.

Bank letters must contain:

  • Bank Name and Address, including street address, city, and country
  • Date
  • Recipient Name
  • Bank Information
    • Account Type – Checking or Savings
    • IBAN#
    • Account #
    • Bank SWIFT Address/Code
    • Bank Number
    • Additional Details (if applicable)
  • Intermediary (Secondary) Bank Fields (optional)
    • Bank#/SWIFT Address
    • Bank Name
    • Bank Address
  • Bank Representatives Information
    • Signature
    • Name
    • Telephone Number (include country code)
    • Fax Number include (country code)
    • E-mail Address

Sample International Bank Letter

Accessing the Banking Form

You can access the ‘Banking Information’ page either from the Home page or from the Dashboard page.

Home Page Access

To access the add/update banking option:

  1. Log into PMS and click on the ‘Account Maintenance’.
  2. Note: Menu options seen will vary depending on the access granted.

    Screen shot of the PMS Home Page
  3. Select ‘Add/Update Banking’.
  4. Note: If the ‘Add/Update Banking’ option is not listed use the ‘Update Privileges’ option to request banking access.

    Screen shot of the Account Maintenance Menu Options

Dashboard Access

  1. Click on the ‘Menu’ Icon.
  2. Screen shot of the Dashboard
  3. Select ‘Account Maintenance’ from the Menu.
  4. Screen shot of the Account Maintenance Options
  5. Select ‘Add/Update Banking’.
  6. Note: If the ‘Add/Update Banking’ option is not listed use the ‘Update Privileges’ option to request banking access.

    Screen shot of the Add/Update Banking Option

Banking Request

Banking Information Form

The Banking Information form will be shown after selecting ‘Add/Update Banking’ and will display all accounts that you have been given access to, including international accounts.

Screen shot of the Banking Information Form

Note: If the account you need is not listed use the ‘Update Privileges’ option to request access to the account.

Only one banking request for a Payee Account may be active at a time. Payee Accounts that have an active requests pending will be flagged with a red icon containing an exclamation point. When there is an active request pending you may continue to make additional requests for accounts that are not flagged.

Screen shot of the Payee Account with Active Request

Account Numbers that have associated subaccount(s) are denoted with a plus sign (+).

Screen shot of the Payee Account with Subaccounts

Click on the plus sign to view the associated subaccount(s).

Screen shot of the Subaccounts View

When the subaccounts ACH Routing Number, ACH Banking Account Number, and/or their Account Type differ from the banking information at the account level those subaccounts will be flagged with an orange pound sign icon (#).

Screen shot of the ACH Account and Subaccount Differences Flagged

When the subaccounts Wire Routing Number and/or Wire Bank Account Number differ from the banking information at the account level those records will be flagged with a blue pound sign icon (#).

Screen shot of the Wire Accounts and Subaccount Differences Flagged

Select records to be changed either at the account or the subaccount level. When selecting the account level it will lock all associated subaccounts. All subaccounts associated with the account will automatically be updated with the new banking information with the exception of subaccounts whose information differs from the account (designated by the pound icon). Select subaccounts individually when subaccount information differs with account information and you want the banking information to match.

Screen shot of the Account Selection

Adding/Updating Banking information

To change or add bank information for an account:

  1. Click in the check box associated with the account(s) or subaccount(s) to be changed. You may select multiple accounts if all accounts will have the same banking.
  2. Screen shot of the Email Confirmation
  3. Provide the following information for domestic accounts
    1. ACH Routing Number (required) – the 9 digit electronic US bank code used by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to identify the bank.
    2. ACH Bank Account Number (required) – the number that is specific to a given account at the bank.
    3. ACH Bank Account Type (required) – select either ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’
    4. Screen shot of the Domestic Bank Account Information
  4. Provide the following information for Domestic Wire Routing Accounts.
    1. Wire Routing Number (required) – The codes assigned by the American Banking Association (ABA) used by Treasury to distributes wires to financial institutions.
    2. Wire Bank Account Number (required) – The alpha numeric code assigned by the financial institution to identify the bank account that can receive funds via electronic wires.
    3. Screen shot of the Wire Routing Information
  5. Provide the following information when choosing an International accounts.
    1. Select International Bank Account.
    2. For International Bank accounts provide the following information:
      1. Swift code (required) - The International recognized identification code used to identify the Bank of the account holder.
      2. IBAN / Account (required) – International Bank Account Number used to uniquely identify an account at any bank in the world.
      3. Bank Account Details (optional) – Additional reference information.
      4. Screen shot of the International Bank Account Information

      Note: You cannot make changes to domestic and international banking information in the same request.

      Screen shot of the Wire Routing Information
  6. Upload supporting documentation. All banking requests require the uploading of a completed and signed 1199A form. International bank accounts will also require an international bank letter to be uploaded.
    1. Click the File Attachment ‘Browse’ button.
    2. Screen shot of the Upload Direct Deposit Form
    3. Select a file to upload.
    4. Screen shot of the Select Upload File
    5. Select an Attachment Type. If you are providing an 1199A form and an International Bank Letter, you may combine them in one file and choose the option ‘1199A and International Bank Letter’.
    6. Screen shot of the Attachment Types
  7. Click ‘Upload’. The document will be shown in a grid.
    1. Click on the document name listed under File Attachment to open and view the document uploaded.
    2. Click ‘Remove’ in the Action column to delete the uploaded document.
    3. Screen shot of the Uploaded File Listing
  8. Click ‘Submit’ to submit the request to PMS for approval. A Request ID will be generated, use this ID to check on your request.
  9. Screen shot of the Processing Success Message
  10. The ‘Home’ button will return you to the dashboard. You can use the ‘Request History’ queue to check on the status of your request.
  11. Screen shot of the Request History Queue
  12. Additionally, the following email will be sent to you:
  13. Screen shot of the Banking Change Request Notification
  14. Once the new banking information has been approved you will receive the following email.
  15. Screen shot of the Bank Information Change Completed Email

Rejected Requests

The PMS staff may reject the banking request during their review.

You will receive the following email when a change request has been rejected.

Screen shot of the Rejection Email Sample

To see the rejection reason and to make changes to the request you will need to log into PMS and navigate to the dashboard to view the ‘Requests Requiring Action’ queue.

  1. Log into PMS.
  2. Click on ‘Account Maintenance’.
  3. Screen shot of the PMS Home Page
  4. Click on ‘Dashboard User Queue’.
  5. Screen shot of the Dashboard User Queue Menu Option
  6. Click on the down arrow associated with the ‘Request Requiring Action’ queue.
  7. Screen shot of the Request Requiring Action Queue
  8. Click the action icon in the ‘Action’ column that is associated with the ‘Request Type’ of ‘Add/Update Bank Information’.
  9. Screen shot of the requests requiring action, with a red arror pointing at the Action Icon
  10. The ‘Bank Information’ form is displayed. The ‘Rejection Reason’ is displayed on the top of the form in the ‘Request Details’ section.
  11. Update the request and resubmit the request for approval by clicking the ‘Submit’ button or click the ‘Dismiss’ button, if the request is no longer valid.
  12. Screen shot of the Update Rejected Banking Request

    To return to the PMS Home page from the Dashboard use the ‘Home’ icon.

    Screen shot of the Home Page Icon