Payment Management System
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Funding Request Formula

PMS requires the Grant Recipient enters certain financial information for each payment request. This information primarily concerns the financial position with regards to funding which may have already been drawn or are about to expend.

PMS Payment Request Formula is:


Funding Request Steps

Provide information about the funds requestor by entering the requestor name, telephone number and email address in the appropriate fields. If this information has been previously supplied, you will be asked to either confirm that this information is still valid, or make the appropriate changes.

Provide four (4) required pieces of payment request information:

  1. Payment Request Date: This is typically the next business day for most grant recipients. It is the day the funds are deposited into your organization's bank account. For information on other payment options, please contact your account representative.

  2. Expected Disbursement Amount: The amount your organization plans to expend immediately for grant expenses.

  3. Cash on Hand: The amount of Federal grant funds remaining in the organization's bank account. Please remember, Cash on Hand can be positive, zero or negative. A positive amount would mean that you have funds left over from a previous draw. Zero would mean you have spent all federal funds from previous draws. A negative amount would mean you have expended organizational funds and are requesting reimbursement.

  4. Payment Request Amount: The Expected Disbursement Amount minus the Cash on Hand.