Do Not Pay Information

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memorandum M-12-11 (dated April 12, 2012) provides guidance on Reducing Improper Payments through the “Do Not Pay (DNP) List.” The DNP solution, jointly developed by OMB and the Department of Treasury (TREAS), is a network of databases collectively accessible through a Web-based, single entry portal, which also includes data services designed to identify recipients ineligible for federal payments.

PSC has incorporated a review of the DNP portal into our current payment processes to support our federal agency customers in their efforts to reduce the number of improper payments made through programs funded by the federal government. The DNP portal is a one-stop shop which allows agencies to check various databases before making initial awards or subsequent payments in order to identify recipients ineligible to receive federal funds for various reasons.

Examples of individuals or entities that appear on the DNP list:

  • Delinquent federal non-tax debt
  • Recipient is listed as deceased on the Death Master List
  • Exclusion from doing further business with the government
  • The name associated with a DUNS is different from the name associated with the DUNS in the System for Award Management (SAM), which now encapsulates the Central Contractor Registration System (CCR)

PSC will coordinate with the responsible federal awarding agency when a payee is identified as a potential match to the DNP portal. The final payment determination will be the responsibility of the awarding agency as they have the contractual agreement with the grant recipient.

PSC would be happy to answer general questions related to the DNP portal, however; we recommend contacting your federal awarding agency with any specific questions regarding impacts to your federal award.