Journal Voucher

Journal Voucher is used to transfer amounts between accounts in order to distribute charges to the correct PMS account.

A JV should only be requested in the following instances:

  • If there are different bank accounts on the subaccounts that are being debited and credited.
  • If the subaccounts that are being debited and credited are on different payee account numbers.

Instructions and sample letter of requesting a Journal Voucher: Download the Journal Voucher Instructions and Sample Letter

NOTE: If you have drawn down funds from an incorrect subaccount and need to move the payments to the correct subaccount you can correct the charges within a payment request.

Example: When funds have been drawn from the incorrect subaccount, the correction can be made withing a payment request. This process can be used if the net result of returning funds and requesting funds equals a positive $.01 or more and the subaccounts are within the same Payee Account Number (PAN). This method cannot be used when returning funds to a cancelled or closed subaccount. when the subaccount is not listed on the subaccount screen, then it cannot be used. For example, when requesting funds from account A123P1 from subaccount XXX for $3,000 and returning funds to subaccount ZZZ for -$2,500 then the amount of returning funds would be entered with a negative (-) and result in a net payment of $500.

For additional assistance, please contact your PMS Liaison Accountant.