System Alerts

This page lists the past System Alerts for the Payment Management System by the Program Support Center (PSC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

As of the period ending June 30, 2023, Department of Labor award recipients are no longer required to submit quarterly Federal Cash Transaction Reports (FCTR). PMS will pre-populate the cash transaction section (lines 10.a. through 10.c.) of the Federal Financial Report (SF-425 FFR) using recipient real-time cash drawdowns. Recipients will be required to certify at the time of each drawdown request that the cash drawdown request is for reimbursement of actual expenditures, or a payment advance for immediate disbursement. At the time of each drawdown request, recipients must assert that award funds are used in compliance with all award conditions and federal statutory requirements. This reporting change does not impact the standard reporting requirements and deadlines for financial expenditure data, submitted in the SF-425, unless otherwise noted in the Notice of Award.
Cancellation & End of Fiscal Year 2023 Payment Processing Deadlines: Awards funded from 2018 fixed appropriation will cancel on September 30, 2023. Undrawn award funding issued from 2018 fixed appropriation account funds will no longer be available for program expenditures, obligations or payment requests in the Payment Management System.

Awards funded from FY 2018 fixed year appropriation will need to be requested no later than the following dates:

* Please note, if the payment requires awarding agency approval, that you should you not wait until the deadline to enter the payment request. Waiting until the deadline may result in funds not being received.

More information about Cancelled Awards