Payment Management System
Program Support Center

System Alerts

This page lists the past System Alerts for the Payment Management System by the Program Support Center (PSC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


3/14/2019 Two-Factor Authentication
The requirement for Two Factor Authentication will be rolled out in phases beginning March 25, 2019. All PMS users will be required to use Two-Factor Authentication to log into PMS. For additional information.
3/14/2019 New Features to the FFR
New features added to the March 31, 2019 SF-425 Federal Financial Report (formally Financial Status Report). For more information on these features.
1/24/2019 - Update SAM.GOV Information
Effective February 11, 2019 all grantees must have an active status in SAM.Gov for awarding agencies to register new grantees or make changes to existing grantee’s information in PMS. Review the information in SAM.Gov, verify the accuracy and make any necessary updates. SAM.GOV requires a yearly renewal to stay active.


7/18/2018 - New Automated Banking Process
Effective July 23, 2018, Payment Management Services will automate the Payment Management System (PMS) process for establishing and changing banking information. You don’t need to update existing banking if it is still current. Additional information is available.