As of the period ending June 30, 2023, Department of Labor award recipients are no longer required to submit quarterly Federal Cash Transaction Reports (FCTR)... Read More
As of the period ending December 31, 2023, Small Business Administration (SBA / OWBO) award recipients are no longer required to submit quarterly Federal Cash Transaction Reports (FCTR)... Read More
Cancellation & End of Fiscal Year 2024 Payment Processing Deadlines: Awards funded from 2019 fixed appropriation will cancel on September 30, 2024... Read More

What is Payment Management Services ?

The Payment Management Services (PMS) is a shared service provider and a leader in processing grant payments for the federal government. PMS offers awarding agency and grant recipients with cash management services, centralized payment services, personal grant accounting support, and Financial Reporting Support. PMS promotes financial integrity and operational efficiencies within the federal government through exceptional accounting practices.


Payment Management Services' 9 step Grant Award and Payment Cycle. Grant application submitted, Awarding Agency Review, Notice of Grant Award, Grant Recorded in PMS, Recipient draws advances & reports cash disbursements, PMS records disbursements, Recipient submits FFR, Awarding Agency Reviews reports & closes awards


  • Agencies overview of approval and/or rejection of submitted payments
  • Customizable Configurable System
  • Effective Financial Internal Controls
  • FISMA High Secure Payment System
  • Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS) reporting system to record government financial data
  • Interagency Governmental Payment and Collection transfer services (IPAC) transfers to federal agencies with descriptive data
  • Validates against DO NOT PAY listing to prevent and detect improper payments
  • Single Point of Entry for Federal Financial Reports
  • Online Reporting


  • Quick and easy user Set-up
  • Access to account information and reporting
  • Efficient and Accurate Payment System
  • Secured Funding Request transfers
  • Automated submission of Federal Financial Reports
  • Variety of Payment Options (ACH, Fedwire, Warehouse)
  • Eliminates duplicate entries across various grant Financial Systems by sharing reconciled data
  • Live Customer Support

Our Statistics

Payment Management Services' 2023 statistics. 499,000 + transactions, 860 billion dollars + processed, 1.72 million total average payment. 14,700 New Users, 2,800 entity registrations, 3,700 banking requests processed.