Payment Management System
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Best Practices

Insider Tips for Making the PMS Process Work Smoothly For You:

  1. In accordance with OMB Circulars A-102/2 CFR Part 215 and A-110, award funds are to be requested for immediate disbursement (3 business days) unless otherwise stated in the Notice of Award. Requests for reimbursement may be made at any time. Grantees should not be holding excess cash. Funds may be requested as needed.

  2. Promptly return any funds you will not spend within three business days.

  3. Be sure to submit your Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR) on time. If PSC does not receive your report by the due date, funds may not be released until the report is completed.

  4. Promptly respond to PSC requests for information. PSC cannot release funding until it receives the information.

  5. Be accurate; this goes without saying. Review your FCTR each quarter and reconcile any differences with your records.

  6. Contact your awarding office (not PSC) for issues regarding your award or the Federal Financial Report. PMSvcs does not issue or adjust awards.

  7. Contact the ONE DHHS Help Desk for issues regarding your draw-down requests, password resets, and the FFR. Always have your PMS PIN, payment account number (PAN), or EIN handy.