Payment Management System
Program Support Center

Accounting and Reports Branch

The Accounting Reports Branch assists customers with:

  • Payment transaction file transmission to U.S Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank
  • Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection transactions
  • Financial reports (Statement of Transactions –SF 224) to Department of Treasury
  • Financial transaction data reconciliations and reports to customers (Federal Awarding Agencies)
  • Federal awarding agency system access
  • Audit confirmation reports
  • A-133 Audit Resolution

If you require assistance with payment requests or Federal Financial Report (FFR), please contact your PMS Liaison Accountant.


Name Title Email Phone
Gladys Ramirez Chief, Accounting and Reports Branch 301-492-5066
Lucas Thompson Accountant 301-492-5067
Jenny Chen Accountant 301-492-4986
Katrina Johnson Accountant 301-492-4995
Jim Kruper Accountant 301-492-4998
Sheila Swedenburg Accountant 301-492-5071
Christiana Kelley Accountant 385-285-7388