Payment Management System
Program Support Center

Reason for Denied Payments / Manual Review Flags

  • Agency Restriction - Awarding agency has the authority to restrict grant funding and payment requests

  • Expired Grants - Grants that are 90 days or greater past the award budget ending period. Approval must be received from awarding agency within three (3) business days of receipt of E-Mail from PMS Staff.

  • Reasonableness - Excessive payment requests may be rejected due to large payments in budget period

  • Late Federal Financial Report (FFR) - If the Federal (FCTR) and/or the Financial Status Report (FSR) is not filed before the due date, temporary suspension of funding privileges will occur

  • Excess Cash on Hand - 3 day rule (FCTR) - Funding requests will be denied if there is excessive cash on hand (FCTR)

  • Agency Approval & Confirmation