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Federal Financial Report (FFR-425)

The Federal Financial Report (FFR) consists of both the Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR) and the Financial Status Report (FSR).

The FFR Federal Cash Transaction Report must be filed within 30 days at the end of each of the following quarter end dates:

For disbursement activity during the months of: The FFR is due on:

  • October 1st through December 31st - 1st Qtr. January 30th
  • January 1st through March 31st - 2nd Qtr. April 30th
  • April 1st through June 30th - 3rd Qtr. July 30th
  • July 1st through September 30th - 4th Qtr. October 30th

Adjustments to cumulative disbursements may be saved (to be completed at a later time BEFORE the deadline date) or certified.

If the FCTR is not filed before or on the due date, funds will be frozen until the report as been submitted.