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Federal Cash Transaction Report

The Federal Financial Report (FFR) consists of both the Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR) and the Financial Status Report (FSR).

The FFR Federal Cash Transaction Report must be filed within 30 days at the end of each of the following quarter end dates:

  • December 31 (1st Quarter of fiscal year)
  • March 31 (2nd Quarter of fiscal year)
  • June 30 (3rd Quarter of fiscal year)
  • September 30 (4th Quarter of fiscal year)

Adjustments to cumulative disbursements may be saved (to be completed at a later time BEFORE the deadline date) or certified.

If the FCTR is not filed before or on the due date, funds will be frozen until the report as been submitted.

FFR Cash Transaction Report

Screen shot of the FCTR report search page.

After logging in to the Payment Management System with a PMS User ID and password:

  1. Select the PMS menu heading entitled: "Disbursement"
  2. Select the sub-heading entitled: "FFR Cash Transaction Report"
  3. Enter your PMS Account Number
  4. Select the Reporting Period "All"
  5. Select the Continue button

FFR FCTR All Report Screen

Screen shot of the FCTR All Report Screen, showing the dropdown options for 'I want to'

Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select your desired action:

  • Prepare/Certify
  • Preparer
  • Certifier

NOTE: System will display desired selection information. You can only complete the current quarters report. If status is "X", the report is no longer available for submission.

FFR FCTR Main Page

Screen shot of the FCTR Main page.
  • PMS will automatically populate Agency, Grantee Information, DUNS, EIN as stated in the database.
  • Box 6, Box 7, & Box 9 are defaulted automatically by the system.
  • To report disbursements on the grant, select "Report Disbursements" button at the top of the page.
  • The Report Disbursement page must be completed first.

FFR FCTR Report Attachment

Screen shot of the FCTR Report Attachment page.
  • In Box 5, report "CUMULATIVE" expenditures for each grant listed.
  • Net Quarter Disbursements will automatically calculate at the bottom in the box titled "TOTAL"

NOTE: The Rec Acct Num column is optional. This is for your use only! However, PMS will retain this information and it will populate on each quarters report. Remember this is an expenditure report. You must report actual expenditures regardless if you have not requested funds.

FFR FCTR Main Page

Screen shot of the FCTR Main page with line 10c completed.
  • Line 10a: Cash Receipts = the Ending Cash on Hand from the prior quarter’s report + funds received and/or returned during the quarter.
  • You must calculate 10c "Cash On Hand" Line 10a minus Line 10b.
  • If 10c is a positive amount, you must provide an explanation on line 12.

FFR FCTR Certification

Screen shot of the FCTR Certification page, prior to certification
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter remarks, if applicable in box 12.
  • Enter Certifying Officer’s name in Box 13b.
  • Scroll to the top or bottom of the page and select "Certify" to attest to the accuracy and completeness of the report.

Certification Message Box

Screen shot of the FCTR certification agreement message.

Read Windows message and select "OK".

FFR FCTR Certification Submission

Screen shot of the FCTR certification page, with a red box around the certification check box.
  • Under box 13b, Select the option for certification.
  • Select "Submit".
  • Once report is submitted, the message "Certify Transaction Complete" will appear.
  • Updates to the report, can be made 24 hours after submission.

FFR FCTR Certify Transaction Complete

Screen shot of the FCTR Certification Transaction Complete message.

Your report has now been submitted. You can select "Return to List" to see the updates status of your report. If you missed a past report, you must complete the current quarters report in order to be compliant.