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The information here is specific to the USDA - NIFA

Effective January 26, 2016, Department of Agriculture – NIFA (formerly CSREES) have ceased in providing drawdowns for all NIFA Grantees through PMS. PMS will no longer provide service for NIFA. For those with remaining balance, your NIFA contact person will reach out to you on the carry over balance to our new payment system. For questions, please contact your NIFA point of contact or your PMS Liaison Accountant. Further information on returned payments, below:

Return Payment Instruction for Grantees

Grantees should send refunds / returned checks, if any, directly to NIFA instead of PMS with the information below:

  • Award Number
  • Reason for returning checks (e.g. PD Transfer, overpayment)
  • Fiscal year for fund to be applied
Please make payment by check or money order payable to the National Institute of Food & Agriculture, USDA. Please include the award number on top of the remittance and send it to:

National Institute of Food & Agriculture, USDA
800 9th St, SW
Stop 2242
Washington, DC 20024
Attn: Felicia Harmon-Darby
Director, Financial Management Division

For further questions, please contact Financial Analysis Branch: Shama Bano (202) 401-5823 or May Ling McKee (202) 401-6309