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FFR Information

The Federal Financial Report (FFR or SF-425) is a single form that consolidates the Financial Status Report and the Federal Cash Transaction Report. PMS has an FFR subsystem that allows users to complete the report electronically.

Federal Cash Transaction Reporting: All PMS users who have G and P type accounts are required to file quarterly cash transaction reports via the PMS FFR subsystem.

Federal Financial Status Reporting: Grantor agencies must specify how their recipients are to complete and file their FFR financial status reports. Currently, only the following agencies use the PMS FFR subsystem for federal financial status reporting:

  • Department of Agriculture, Advocacy and Outreach (USDA-OAO)
  • Department of State (DOS)
  • DHHS-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) only Subaccounts: SDIC-CMS, DOP-DMC, FEFT-CMS
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (USVA)
  • Executive Office of the President (EOP)
  • Internal Revenue Service, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (IRS-VITA)

All other PMS users must consult with their grantor agencies regarding how to file their financial status reports.

If you need to obtain access to the PMS FFR, please complete the PMS Access Form.