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From PMS how-to questions to payment transmissions issues to file processing inquiries, customers can rely on PSC to assist as best as we possibly can.

ONE-DHHS Help Desk system support
Phone: (877) 614-5533

ONE-DHHS Help Desk for PMS Support is now available Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET (except Federal Holidays) to:

  • Respond to questions regarding the PMS application
  • Assist users having difficulty navigating through PMS application system menus and processes
  • Reset PMS user passwords

Mary Lanham, Chief
Phone: (301) 492-5055

The Customer Liaison Branch helps customers to:

  • Establish/Change User Access
  • Establish/Change Bank Account
  • Payment Request
  • Assistance with PMS Federal Financial Report (FFR)
  • PMS Account Maintenance

Gladys Ramirez, Chief
Phone: (301) 492-5066

The Accounting Reports Branch assists customers with:

  • Payment transaction file transmission
  • Financial reports to Department of Treasury
  • Financial transaction data to federal awarding agency customers
  • Federal awarding agency system access
  • Audit confirmation reports
  • A-133 Audit Resolution

Dan Long, Chief
Phone: (801) 524-3401

Information Systems assists customers with:

  • Subaccount / Common Accounting Number (CAN) setup
  • Authorization file processing issues
  • Special System/report requests
  • Entity Registration

Gary Kotouch, Director, Grants Finance and Administration Services

The Office of the Director:

  • Oversees all operational activities within the organization providing administrative support
  • Provides budgetary oversight
  • Conducts audit coordination
  • Issues and manages the compliance of PMS certifications